HoloLens interface, Clicker peripheral leaked in app walkthrough documents

An image in a leaked troubleshooting document shows off a Bluetooth Clicker peripheral.
HoloLens development kits are going out sometime this spring, but there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding how the augmented reality headset will work, both in terms of a user interface and user interaction. But one little leak via a hologram filming app Actiongram has shed some light into both areas.

While we’ve seen some pretty cool representations of what our augmented landscapes will look like with HoloLens, getting those realities started has been a secret. Last night’s leak from WalkingCat shows off how you’ll launch apps from the HoloShell, the Start Menu of the augmented reality headset.

The HoloShell shows some basic info along the top, including a network connection indicator, time, volume and battery indicator. There appears to be a grid of Live tiles below that and access to Cortana as well.

Some of the lingo used in the leaked video is new as well. “Bloom to the Shell” sounds like a line from SpaceBalls, but appears to be how you pull up the HoloShell, or just Shell as Microsoft may end up calling it. It’s hard to tell in the video, but it looks like the wearer is making a throwing motion to “bloom.”

Clicks, which we’ve seen before, are just finger motions, but a leaked clicker peripheral may allow for some tactile feedback for a click. The new device appears to consist of a little finger loop and a one-button top that lets you click things without the exaggerated motion we’ve seen in previous demos.

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