EMP making it so with ‘Star Trek’ exhibition featuring items on public display for first time

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Star Trek phaser
Phasers may still be a thing of the future, but “Star Trek” has inspired plenty of other real-world technology. (CBS Consumer Products via EMP)
Star Wars may have ruled the theatrical universe in the not-so-distant past, but the near future is all about “Star Trek” as Seattle’s EMP Museum announced a new exhibition honoring the iconic franchise this spring.

“Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds” will open May 21 at EMP as part of the classic television series’ 50th anniversary. According to a news release, “the fully immersive exhibition will showcase “Star Trek’s” significant impact on culture, society, arts, sports, technology and fashion, and feature more than 100 rare artifacts, set pieces, and props from the television series, spinoffs, and films.”

EMP invites visitors to discover the beloved series all over again with state-of-the-art interactives and video ops, including a transporter simulator and KHAAAN! booth where you can recreate this famous scene:

Set pieces from the original series will include Capt. Kirk’s command chair and a navigation console as well as costumes and an 11-foot USS Enterprise filming model. Many of the elements featured are from a private collection and have never been on public display before, according to EMP.

“Fifty years after ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ first aired, its stories continue to energize people worldwide,” Brooks Peck, a curator at EMP Museum, said in a release. “This exhibition explores that phenomenon, its enduring impact on our culture and how ‘Star Trek’s’ themes of optimism, equality, and heroism have inspired people to imagine, explore and create.”

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